Payroll Pro


Payroll Pro

The Ultimate Payroll Solution for your Business



Payroll Pro gives the capability to the modern enterprise to automate its payroll preparation process in an efficient and productive manner. This is achieved by a intuitive windows user interface offering both functionality and user friendliness.


Key Benefits


Fast and easy payroll preparation.

Prepares the necessary reports for social insurance and income tax.
Very good reporting system with built in reports and user designed reports.
Microsoft Excel integration.
Extensive flexibility with user defined earnings, deductions and contributions and calculation formulas.
Multi-lingual (Greek, English) reports and user interface.
Keeps track of employee vacations.

Supported Businesses

Payroll Pro supports almost all types of businesses and provides build-in calculation for:

  • Salaries in any currency.
  • Overtimes.
  • Shift allowances.
  • 13th and 14th salaries calculations.
  • Deduct absences.
  • Social insurance deductions and contributions.
  • Income tax.
  • Provident fund.
  • Custom calculations through user defined formulas for earnings, deductions or contributions.
  • Project costing.
  • Keeps track of employee vacations, sick-leaves, etc.



  • Payslips.
  • Payroll analysis (single payroll or any date range) with department and cost center analysis.
  • Journal entries for the accounting department.
  • Bank payment instructions.
  • Prints cheques and cheque listings.
  • Union reports.
  • Social insurance reports.
  • Income tax reports (IR61, IR63, IR7).
  • Provident fund reports.
  • Project costing reports.


Microsoft Excel integration

Creates reports directly in Microsoft Excel using grouping, filtering and pivot tables.



Payroll Pro creates journal entry reports which can be printed or interfaced with a number of popular accounting packages.
Accepts input from time-recording modules.
Prepares interface files with major banks for electronic fund transfer.