Provident Fund Accounting


Provident Fund Accounting

The specialised accounting solution




Released in January 2005, it offers automation on the provident fund accounting. It can work as a standalone program or in collaboration with Easysoft Payroll Pro to minimise duplication of transaction input.


Key Benefits

Tracking of employee deductions and employer contributions and provident fund loans.
Banking records.
Tracking of income and expenses.
Interest calculation on fund balances on either a daily basis or on closing balance.
Interest calculation on loan balances on a daily basis.
Annual distribution of earnings to members accounts.
Check eligibility of employees to get loans.
Calculation of amounts payable to members when leaving the company.
Real-time balances and full drill down functionality.



Statement of accounts.
Journal listings.
Members statements (Employee deductions, employer contributions, loans, net balance).
Trial balance and members balances.
Exporting reports to various formats.


Microsoft Excel integration

Creates reports directly in Microsoft Excel using grouping, filtering and pivot tables.