Easysoft Ltd was founded in 1997. Since then we specialise in the development of the payroll software system Payroll Pro suitable to the needs of the Cyprus companies.

Great research was carried out to develop a software that is not only functional but also user friendly. Payroll Pro takes the accountant’s perspective to ensure that the payroll preparation process follows natural steps on your computer desktop and minimizes the time spent on data input, checking of results and preparation of payment.

Information and reports are available at any time for any type of historical data, from the detail of a payslip to summarized reports suitable for executive level, or other legal reporting.

Following the great success of Payroll Pro, we have launched Easysoft Provident Fund, a package that fully integrates with Payroll Pro. Easysoft Provident Fund automates provident fund accounting entries and procedures and saves much of the staff valuable time.

Easysoft is a combination of human tries with the latest available software engineering techniques and users’ experience that targets latter’s needs. Easysoft develops powerful software system packages, friendly to the users and reliable for the clients that efficiently save time to the staff and create profit for the companies.